August 24, 2017 — by ECO Communications Team


Open to ECO & EPC Pastors

October 9-11, 2017

The loss of a pastor, regardless of the reason, precipitates a disruption in the emotional, spiritual, and organizational life of any congregation. Many leaders have yet to experience this type of transition, and feeling responsible, understandably seek to return to normal as quickly as possible. However, church leaders often fail to consider they have not only lost an employee, but also relationships, a stabilizing presence, and a trusted confidant.

You are invited to participate in this Transitional Pastor Training Seminar where you will learn how to recognize the issues congregations face, how to provide a consistent, non-anxious presence, and how to guide the leadership and the congregation to envision God’s plan for them. In the process, you will give the Search Team and the congregation the space they need to prepare for the next called pastor. 

If you have any quesions, please contact Maja Greig at 

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