Business Office:
ECO: A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians
5638 Hollister Ave. Suite 210
Goleta, CA 93117

(855) ECO-ECO8  (855.326.3268)

Ministry Departments:

Beth Allin, National Gathering Coordinator and Communications Strategist x202

Jen Haddox, Director of Global Engagement x407
                  Global and Local ECO Church Missions connections          

Lisa Johnson, Director of Lay Leadership Development 1-800-667-7250 
                    Flourish Resources

Kim Davis, Ministry Resource Coordinator x408

Anna Kent, Director of Mission Affinity Groups  x201
                  Getting started with a MAG group or Pastor Covenant Group, MAG development

Synod Executive: Ministry Resources, Coaching, Church Network Development, Church Planting

Dana Allin, Synod Executive, x101
Kim Davis, Assistant x408

Ecclesiastical Support: Presbytery Leadership, Polity, Pastors and Churches, Ordination, Transitional Pastors

Nate Dreesmann, Executive Director of Ecclesiastical Support,  x104
Maja Greig, Assistant  x103 

ECO Communications and Administration: Application processes for Churches and Pastors, Website, Media and Communication, Resource production, general ECO inquiries                 

Please contact for all application and general information inquiries
Please contact for all church media/communications needs

Skye Coleman, Executive Administrator x102

ECO Operations: Financials, Fiduciary, Health Care and Benefits

John Terech, Executive Director of Operations x401
Patty Terech, Assistant x203
Shelby Goss, Financial Administrator x402                                    
          Church Dues
          Background Check payments

NFP Healthcare: Mayra Cano at 719.314.3516 or
                           Erin Kautzner at 719.314.3506 or

Retirement: Envoy Financial Plan Sponsor Service Team  888.879.1376

Social Media:
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