Online resources provided through our updated website, along with the convenience of digital communication, allow us to assist and aid churches more easily and effectively.

One of the functions of a denomination is to make resources available for its congregations and leaders.  As new churches join ECO, many are realizing their need for continued growth in order to be more effective in their ability to become flourishing churches that make discipleships of Jesus Christ.  ECO has not only been developing its own internal resources, but continues to partner with outside individuals and organizations to take advantage of top-notch resources that are already available. 

Attached are some of the resources that we have developed (or are developing) within ECO and Flourish, along with several others. This is certainly not exhaustive or comprehensive list of all available resources, but it does represent a significant number and cross section of what is available.

As a community, learning from one another makes us stronger. Want to learn more about ECO theology, polity, and vision? Read and share our core commitments. 

To view videos of presentations given at past national gatherings, visit our Vimeo Page.

MissionInsight: Resources & Web Kit

MissionInsite provides instant access to community information for your church via The MI System. You'll get desktop, web-based access to demographic data for a variety of geographic levels.  

The MI System provides you with a new way to access demographic information. It moves beyond the static reports you order to a powerful "discovery tool" for exploration and "out of the box" thinking for church ministry, church planting, church growth and outreach.

Attached is the "MissionInsite webkit", and a helpful "How to Register" document that includes instructions and your unique Agency Account number.


2015 ECO Statistical Report

As you will see from the following statistical report, we have over 270 churches that represent more than 100,000 covenant partners. We know that numbers don't tell the whole story of what is happening in our movement by any means, which is part of the reason we also use narrative questions in our Mission Affinity Group conversations. However, statistical reports can paint a general picture of various trends as well as opportunities for continued growth. Please click here to read the entire official report.

Other Helpful ECO Resources: