November 26, 2013 — by ECO Communications Team

Thanksgiving Hymn

This Thanksgiving Hymn was written by Rev. Dr. Richard Gibbons from First Presbyterian Church of Greenville, SC. Last week while traveling with colleagues in China he penned this hymn to share with his congregation on Thanksgiving weekend. You too are warmly invited to use this hymn this weekend.

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November 24, 2013 — by Keith Hill

The Master's Surprising Music

A tired, worn out instrument

piano keysThe piano was a dilapidated upright with a badly stained keyboard, and screws holding many of its ivories in place. Its volume pedal was stuck, and several of its keys were missing strings. The hammer felts had long since worn thin, which gave it a tinny sound.

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November 20, 2013 — by Dana Allin

"What Gets Measured Gets Done."

“What gets measured gets done.”

Peter Ducker was the one who coined this phrase and over the years, I have found this principle very helpful, especially in how I have seen it applied within the life of a congregation.

Measuring Growth

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November 17, 2013 — by Rev. Eric O. Jacobsen

Standing Up to Quiet Down

"Local Churches Leave Denomination Over Homosexuality"

stepping upThis is a headline I've been dreading ever since my church began the discernment process to determine whether we should leave our denomination. The last thing I want is for our congregation to be known in the community as "the church that hates gay people." For a church in a city that was recently voted “The Gayist City in America,” such a reputation could have a negative impact on our mission.

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November 11, 2013 — by Rev. Mateen Elass

Learning to Make Disciples

One year ago, a dear member of my congregation gave me a book. It sat on my office desk until last week, when I finally opened it and began reading. I only wish I hadn’t let it sit so long.

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November 3, 2013 — by Keith Hill

Known for What?

In ten years what will ECO be known for? According to our “Who We Are” statements, we’ll be known for:

  • building flourishing churches that make disciples of Jesus Christ

  • baptizing more than we bury

  • a missional pattern of church life

  • and our new church planting passion

praise worship

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