November 4, 2019 — by Dana Allin

A Flourishing ECO Church Generates Multiplying Leaders

In my newsletter articles this past year I have been alternating between focusing on one of ECO’s values or one of the measures of a flourishing church. This month we will focus on our fifth flourishing church measure, “Generates Multiplying Leaders”. This measure defines that one of the qualities of a flourishing church is that it develops leaders who develop other leaders. The attached document shows the qualities of a flourishing church but also provides some questions for a church to evaluate their current health in each area.

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November 4, 2019 — by Donald Marsden

Me and My House in Mission

We have long known that the family profoundly influences all its members. No other social institution comes close to having an impact on young people that way the family does.  Many parents seek out a church based on the quality of its discipling program for children and youth. However, research among adult Christians in the United States demonstrates that people of faith, when asked who influenced them in the growth of their faith most often answered “my mother.”  Other family members also rank very high in shaping the faith of young people. Research bears out that children are deeply affected by conversations about faith they have with family members. When children and parents go out into their community and into the world to serve together, the positive impact on the faith of a child is massive.  

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