March 18, 2019 — by -

The New Rules of Generational Giving

By Jake Wilson, TPF Relationship Manager
Like everything else in this world, charitable giving continues to change. What's causing the continued evolution? That would be the difference in the way different generations give to their churches and favorite charities. 
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March 5, 2019 — by Dana Allin

The Power of Clarifying Mission and Values

I was at a session meeting a few weeks ago with a church that had re-worked their values and mission within the last three years.  In the meeting I asked, “What are your mission and values?” I didn’t mean for it to be a trick question, however, only one person in the room could get close to naming the elements.  I don’t blame them! This lack of clarity happens more often than not. Congregations go through a process to develop good or even great statements. However, as time goes by, those statements are not even known by the people, let alone lived out in the life of the church.  

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