June 28, 2019 — by Dana Allin

What Does It Mean to Have a Livable Theology?

There are many aspects of our Reformed/Presbyterian tradition for which I am thankful. One aspect in particular is our focus on the life of the mind. We deeply value education, study, and wrestling with theological implications as we engage in present culture. There have certainly been weaknesses associated with this strength such as occasionally having an overly cerebral faith that doesn’t engage our heart and passion. Nevertheless, I am still thankful for the many benefits that come with valuing the mind.

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June 28, 2019 — by Jen Haddox

Discovering Mission Affinity in Cuba

I recently listened in on a conversation with members of the Central Florida MAG group the week after they returned from a joint trip to Holguin, Cuba.  I share this story in hopes that the exciting energy from that conversation will serve as a witness to our ECO movement.

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