May 23, 2017 — by Dave Reichelderfer

Covenant Relationships: Lifting One Another Up In Prayer

We had a great Thanksgiving.  Our house was full for dinner with four generations being represented.    The activity level was increased by the presence of our three grandchildren, two girls and a boy, who literally ran from one end of the house to another.   After our guests departed, and we were able to clean-up the aftermath, Ann and I retired for a good night’s rest.  It was a wonderful evening!

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June 18, 2015 — by Dave Reichelderfer

The Beautiful Blessing Of Infant Baptism

Infant baptism is a long-held practice in the Reformed tradition. The Reformers were blessed by the beauty of infant baptism as it was practiced in the church from ancient times. They sought to be faithful to the practice that was given to them by the church fathers in keeping with the Holy Scriptures. We are blessed by the beauty of the Reformed teachings that shape our practice to this day.

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