November 23, 2014 — by Rev. Mateen Elass

God Is At Work In The Middle East

Something huge is coming

God is on the move in ways far beyond our puny imaginings.

That thought branded itself in my mind last week as I returned from a trip to the Middle East with other ECO leaders. We traveled together to seek discernment as to where we might partner in the mission of spreading the gospel and planting churches (part of our DNA in ECO, whether on this continent or beyond).

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March 12, 2014 — by Rev. Mateen Elass

Going With The Flow Of The Spirit


Leaving space for God to work

What’s the right formula for detailed, advanced planning versus spontaneous, “go with the flow of the Spirit” when it comes to ministry? I certainly don’t know, but I do know when both dovetail harmoniously, breathtaking things happen.

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February 5, 2014 — by Rev. Mateen Elass

Love For The Lost

searching for georgieSearching for Georgie

Our family loves Labrador retrievers. We presently have two female, yellow labs, Geordie and Haley, ages six and four. And last Saturday, I lost one.

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December 23, 2013 — by Rev. Mateen Elass

Love With All You Got

duck-dynasty-logo-fontduck-dynasty-nation---for-all-dd-fans-u1eln4rjMost people, Christian or not, would agree with Jesus’ summation of God’s will: “Love the Lord with all you got, and love your neighbor as yourself.” Many people, whether Christian or not, tend to not focus as much on the first command; but most everyone expresses an opinion about how to love others and whether or not that is being practiced well by others.

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November 11, 2013 — by Rev. Mateen Elass

Learning to Make Disciples

One year ago, a dear member of my congregation gave me a book. It sat on my office desk until last week, when I finally opened it and began reading. I only wish I hadn’t let it sit so long.

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October 7, 2013 — by Rev. Mateen Elass

How Much Do I Trust Jesus?

How much do I trust Jesus? Well, that depends. When He says things that fit with my views and priorities, I am happy to call Him my Lord and Savior. When He says things that my conscience sides with, even though I don’t want to hear them, I trust that He must be right. But when He says things that would mean radical change for my life and comfort, then I don’t trust Him. Not really. Even though I say I do, and want others to believe that I do, my lifestyle does not greatly reflect Jesus’ teachings. I know I’m not alone.

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September 19, 2013 — by Rev. Mateen Elass

Building a New Denomination: More than Just Nimble Structure

In light of the multiple thousands of denominations existing over and against Jesus’s prayer that “they may be one,” the creation of yet another denomination must come with strong justifications. While I believe that ECO has such justifications for coming into being, there is one common refrain which seems to me dangerously misleading and ultimately destructive.

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