As ECO fulfills its mission of building flourishing churches that make disciples of Jesus Christ, we recognize that we part of a Global Body of Christ (Ephesians 4:4), and are called to make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:18-20).

How does ECO facilitate the sending of God’s people into the world? 

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ECO’s Approach to Global Engagement

ECO’s priority in global engagement is to support ECO congregations in their participation in the Great Commission. Our approach emphasizes the role of the local church in mission, rather than being focused at the denominational level. The Director of Global Engagement facilitates connections with partner organizations, resources mission leaders, and develops collaborative communities that will catalyze the engagement of ECO congregations in global mission. To maintain a lean national staff structure, we are emphasizing collaboration within ECO, and drawing from the expertise of partner organizations.  


ECO churches already have great resources of leadership and expertise in global mission!

  • Presbytery Global Advocates serve as a regional resource for collaboration and equipping of mission leaders.
  • The Mission Resource Team works with the Director of Global Engagement to identify and develop mission resources.
  • Communities of Mission Engagement are being formed to connect leaders from congregations engaged in similar global regions or common missional practices for the sharing of ideas, resources, and joint initiatives.

Partner Organizations

ECO is very fortunate to have strong relationships with experienced and well-respected mission agencies who share our core values. These organizations are eager to help ECO congregations develop global partnerships, make missionary connections, send your own members out into the world through full time mission work or short-term trips, and respond to the needs of the world in disaster response and long-term development. Learn more about our Partner Organizations here.

ECO invites your congregation to consider these key areas for your global mission engagement: 

1) Deepen your current mission engagement

We encourage churches to continue in the mission ministry in which they are already involved. ECO seeks to develop resources to encourage congregations so that they can grow or expand their global engagement. In a past survey, ECO congregations indicated a need for sharing resources and best practices to be more effective in global mission. Check the ECO website for resources, and look for more, such as our Global Engagement curriculum.

2) Collaborate with other ECO churches in mission

Congregations can actively help one another by sharing best practices and resources in global mission.
Contact the Global Advocate for your Presbytery to get connected.
Participate in the Connecting Mission Leaders event, 

We are currently exploring the best way to facilitate and grow this type of collaboration.  If you would like to be connected, or have questions, suggestions or resources you would like to share, contact the Director of Global Engagement. 

3) Discern New Initiatives in Global Mission

With the support of partner organizations, ECO is pursuing several new initiatives for our congregations to engage in global mission. If you’d like to get involved or learn more, contact the Director of Global Engagement.

Engage the Middle East with Frontier Fellowship
Partner in Egypt with The Outreach Foundation
Explore Business as Mission (BAM) with The Antioch Partners
Volunteer for North American disaster response with World Renew

For more info, contact the Director of Global Engagement:

Rev. Jen Haddox

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