In the spring of 2015, the Global Engagement Team conducted a survey of ECO congregations on the subject of global mission. Much valuable and relevant information was gathered. From it all, three primary needs surfaced that, if addressed, would help ECO congregations “do mission” better than their current efforts. Click HERE for a copy of the survey results.

Again, those three key issues are:

  1. Conducting meaningful short term mission trips
  2. Evaluating missionary and project opportunities 
  3. Engaging the congregation in global mission ministry

These three topics were seen to be the “most important” mission issues, yet the congregations indicated they are doing “least well” in these three areas. To respond to these, we are providing congregational resources on each of the three issues. And, we will be providing additional resources on topics beyond the three primary priorities. Check out the FAQs for Short Term Trips and Mission Oportunities.