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Find opportunities at ECO churches. 

In an effort to help our churches find candidates, we have developed a Pastor Search Assistance process for ECO churches (large and small). Please see this link for details on this tool. For more information, email

To post on the job board:

  • You must be an ECO Church or accepted to ECO, pending dismissal.¬†
  • If you are posting a Pastor or Associate Pastor position, your job description must be approved by your ECO Presbytery MPT. Click here to select your presbytery and view contact information.
  • You must have a PDF containing your job description and any other infomation you wish to include.
    This PDF should include: 1) An email address for resume submission and 2) Your church's full website address

Your post will be listed within one week if all the above requirements are met. All Senior Pastor and Associate Pastor positions will remain on the website for 120 days or until we are notified the position has been filled.
All other job postings will be listed for 90 days. Please notify when the position has been filled so we can keep this list up-to-date. Thank you!

Senior Pastor Opportunities

Associate Pastor Opportunities

Assistant Pastor Opportunities

Children or Youth Ministry Opportunities 

Other Ministry Opportunities 

Global Opportunities with ECO Partners or Churches 

No positions are available at this time.