ECO is committed to developing pastors and nurturing leaders at every age and stage of ministry.

One of our Core Values is “Leadership Velocity.” We believe identifying and developing gospel-centered leaders is critical for the Church, and a great leadership culture is risk-taking, innovative, and organic.

Missional Leader Training

One of the greatest ways to bring about transformation in a local church is to activate the missional DNA inside every believer. Missional Leader Training is designed to help leaders catalyze transformation in their congregations. This six-month process both educates participants on how to create missional communities and walks alongside them as communities are formed. For more information about hosting a Missional Leader Training event, or learning about integrating a missional ministry model into your church, contact Kim Davis.

Mentorship & Coaching

As church leaders pour into the lives of others, they need relationships with mentors and coaches who are pouring into them. We encourage every pastor to establish an intentional relationship with an older leader who might serve as adviser, encourager, and wise counselor in navigating the challenges of ministry.

ECO is pleased to offer the Coach Certification Process for those interested in becoming coaches using curriculum developed by CoachNet. This process begins with pre-orientation sessions with a Coach Mentor, continues with a two-day onsite training event, and concludes after six months of coaching practice, plus additional sessions with a Coach Mentor and a final evaluation. Once certified, coaches can be added to a resource list of recommended coaches for congregations, pastors, Mission Affinity Groups, and other ministry leaders. Certified coaches may also submit their training in a portfolio to the International Coaching Federation for further accreditation. For more information on pursuing the Coach Certification with through ECO, contact Kim Davis.

Sharing Best Practices

ECO seeks to facilitate leaders coming together regularly so as to share best practices and collaborate. We do this through Mission Affinity Groups. And we do this through a regular rhythm of Regional Gatherings and National Gatherings where leaders can come together, both through breakout sessions and in informal ways, to share what they’re learning and spur each other in ministry. Contact Anna Kent for more information. 

10 Core Competencies in ECO

We have compiled an initial set of competencies (qualities, characteristics, and skills) that we desire to be found in our ECO leaders.

Ministry Tools