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We often find that churches have spent so much time and energy coming into ECO they are at a bit of a loss as to what to do once they are actually in ECO! The following material is meant to help your church refocus its energy, health, and vitality now that you are part of the growing movement of ECO churches. 

The premise of this series is that flourishing churches are led by flourishing leaders who are themselves flourishing disciples. It is our prayer that as you engage with the material personally, you will grow in your own discipleship and spiritual maturity, and that you will have a greater sense of your individual call and role as a leader. It is also our prayer that as you engage with this material collectively as a body of believers, that you will have a greater sense of how your church can grow and move forward so that it can flourish mightily, just as God designed it to do.

We are thrilled that you and your church are engaging in the Becoming a Flourishing Church material. We look forward to seeing and hearing how God moves in your life personally, as well as in the life of your church. May you continue to flourish for His kingdom!

In Christ,

Rev. Dr. Dana S. Allin | ECO Synod Executive 

Rev. Lisa S. Johnson | ECO Director of Lay Leadership Development 

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