Ministry Resources for ECO Congregations

ECO seeks to equip congregations in a variety of ways. It’s our desire for our churches & their leadership to know and understand their unique calling & identity as they live their mission & vision as ECO Churches. In order to assist our churches we have complied a complete list of our resources. We would love to connect with you personally & help you to navigate these options so that you can begin to take your Flourishing Next Step.


  • Becoming a Flourishing Church
  • Church in Transitional Agreement (CITA)
  • Church Planting
  • Church Transformation
  • Flourishing Disciples
  • Flourishing Leaders
  • Global Engagement Course
  • Ministry Team Consultation (TeamScan) 
  • Pastoral Search Assistance (PSA)
  • Succession Planning
  • Vision Frame Process


  • Certified Transitional Pastor (CTP)
  • Church in Transitional Agreement (CITA) • Job Board
  • Pastoral Search Assistance (PSA)


  • 360 Discipleship Assessment
  • Certified Transitional Pastor (CTP) 
  • Coach Training
  • Coaching
  • ECO Confessional Standards
  • Leadership Training Series: Intro to Core Competencies and CLP1 & CLP2
  • Online Seminary Courses developed by Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
  • Online Webinars & Training Videos
  • Pastoral Consultation/ProScan Assessment


See below for a full listing of ECO Partnerships, including benefits/church administration, disaster assistance, missional engagement & multigeneratonal & multiethnic ministries.  

Congregation, Pastor & Lay Leader Resources - Comprehensive View

  • 360 Discipleship Assessment

    The 360 Discipleship Assessment has been developed in conjuction with a variety of experts in the field of discipleship and statistical validation. This assessment measures discipleship health in 8 core qualities as well as 22 characteristics associated with the health of an individiaul follower of Jesus. The disciples answe questions for themselves and then ask others to answer questions on their behalf. A report is generated to help the disciple discover relative strengths and weaknesses. An individual discipleship assessmnet is available for $15 each, or churches can purchase bulk assessments (1-9 $15.00 each, 10-24 $10.00 each, 25-49 $8.00 each, 50+ $5.00 each). See for more information.

  • Becoming a Flourishing Church

    Churches have spent so much time and energy coming into ECO that they are often at a loss as to what to do once they are actually an ECO congregation. Becoming a Flourishing Church is foundational to helping your church refocus its energy, health, and vitality now that you are part of the growing movement of ECO Churches. The premise of this resource is that flourishing churches are led by flourishing leaders who are themselves flourishing disciples. It is our prayer that, as you engage with the material personally, you will grow in your own discipleship and spiritual maturity, and that you will have a greater sense of your individual call and role as a leader. It is also our prayer that, as you engage with this material collectively as a body of believers, you will have a greater sense of how your church can grow and move forward so that it can flourish mightily, just as God designed it to do. Please go to to register for this free resource and meet your Becoming a Flourishing Church Liaison.

  • Certified Transitional Pastor (CTP)

    ECO now offers transitional pastor training and certification. It is our goal to equip pastoral leaders tohelp churches navigate change through a pastoral transition, so that a church is healthy and ready for its Flourishing Next Step. ECO has established a Certified Transitional Pastor Network website where both ECO Churches and Pastors are able to create accounts, view profiles, and engage in conversation. Please visit for more details, or email if you have any questions.

  • Churches in Transitional Agreement (CITA)

    The transitional season is an opportunity to reengage and recommit in a church’s unique calling with their time, energy, gifts, and finances. ECO is commited to assisting churches with making the right call. ECO has established a Certified Transitional Pastor Network website where both ECO Churches and Pastors are able to create accounts, view profiles, and engage in conversation. Please visit for more details, or email if you have any questions.

  • Church Planting

    We are seeking to be a church planting denomination at a time when the landscape of church planting is changing drastically. Leaders within church-planting networks across the country are radically rethinking and readjusting church-planting strategies in their denominations and networks. For an overview ECO’s church-planting protocols and procedures and to begin a conversation with our Church Planting Team, please email

  • Church Transformation: Pastor Learning Community & Consultation

    The Church Transformation process is an instrumental tool in retraining pastors, refocusing leadership, and bringing renewed vitality to our congregations. Church Transformation incorporates a Pastoral Learning Community for Pastor Head of Staff/Associate/Assistant Pastor(s), an on-site consultation, and ongoing coaching. All three components are vital for true transformation to occur, and we are excited to offer this opportunity on a broader scale to our churches and pastors. We are designating two tiers of participation within Church Transformation. Tier 1 is the Pastor Learning Community ($1,000 per pastor), and Tier 2 is the Consultation and Coaching ($2,500 to $3,500 per church). Churches are not obligated to commit to both Tier 1 and Tier 2, although we highly recommend committing to both. Churches are encouraged to begin Tier 2 while their pastors are still involved in Tier 1. For more information, email

  • Coach Training

    Flourish provides a 6-month coach training process, which includes several individual or group mentoring sessions as well as a 2-day face-to-face training. Those who complete the process can be considered to provide some of the coaching that is available in ECO. Those who complete the coach training process through Flourish will also have completed approximately half of the work necessary to obtain an Associate Certified Coach credential through the International Coach Federation. Email for more information (The additional training required for ACC certification can be taken through CoachNet International Ministries at

  • Coaching

    Coaching is one of the most powerful ways that pastors can be equipped and supported while they engage in the difficult work of pastoral leadership and congregational minisrty. Pastors often have the challenge of affording quality coaches. ECO is able to help offset the cost of pastoral coaching for pastors. For more information, email

  • ECO Confessional Standards

    This document can be found at

  • Flourishing Disciples

    Primarily funded through a generous grant, Flourishing Disciples helps congregations invest and evaluate over a 2-year period a new way create deeper discipleship and a vibrant discipleship culture. Flourishing Disciples involves an on-site retreat for key leaders in the church to work on enhancing their own discipleship and ability to disciple others. The primary facilitator(s) of the congregation then receives a year of coaching in order to embed the making of disciples more deeply into the DNA of the church. Find more information here or email

  • Flourishing Leaders

    Many churches know that in order for their congregations to transform, the elders and other lay leaders need to experience both personal and group transformation. Flourishing Leaders is an 18-month process where the elders engage in experiential learning activities and pastors engage in coaching to help their elders become more spiritually effective. This training resource was formerly known as ELI and has been adapted and enhanced for our ECO congregations. Find more information here or email

  • Global Engagement: Best Practices for Mission Teams

    Local churches are the primary agents of God’s mission in the world. Equipping mission leaders in yourchurch catalyzes growing mission engagement in your community and the global community. This video- based small-group study is designed to help your church’s mission team/committee explore best practices for leading your church in mission. Visit for more information or email Jen Haddox, Director of Global Engagement, at

  • Job Board

    In an effort to help our churches find qualified candidates, we have developed a space for our churches to list their employment opportunities. If you are posting a Pastor or Associate Pastor position, your job description must be approved by the MPT of your presbytery. Visit the Job Board on to submit your listings. The ECO Job Board is updated on a weekly basis. If your church needs help finding their new call pastor, we can support your congregational process with our Pastoral Search Assistance. In addition, if you are looking for transitional pastors, please visit for more details or email

  • Leadership Training Series

    Introduction to Core Competencies

    ECO exists in order to build flourishing churches who make disciples of Jesus Christ. In order to fulfill our vision, we must develop leay leaders within our churches who are skilled in our 10 Core Competencies. This officer/leader training offers 10 video-taught classes by experts in each of the competencies, with opportunities for discussion, discernment, and action after each lecture. This course is designed for leaders in the church to learn how to be more effective in their roles or trained for a role they have yet to step into. This training can be done by an individual at home, used to prepare people for leadership, and discussed as a whole session or done in small groups. Visit for more information. This resource is free.

    CLP1: Commissioned Lay Pastors Serving in Churches & Micro-Expressions of Church

    Our ECO Polity Section 2.0502 provides for lay leaders who feel called and gifted to administer the sacraments and step into the role of a lay pastor serving under the pastor of their church. ECO deeply desires to unleash the laity to do God's kingdom work wherever they are. CLP1s are lay leaders who are serving their churhc by leading micro-expressions of church (small groups, youth groups, missional communities, etc.) and who wish to have a deeper level of training in the 10 Core Competencies. This certiciation is a 10-month process undertaken with a non-geographical cohort, a facilitator, homework assignments, and a mentor from their local church. The course structure is two virtual meetings a month (community learning) with reading, writing, and reflecting in between (personal learning). The final project necessary for certification is a paper (to be evaluated by your facilitator) on what the student has learned adn how they have grown in each of the 10 Core Competencies. The content of the CLP1 course includes all of the officer training content, plus 10 extra sessions, and asssessment in the 10 Core Competencies. Visit or email for more information. Cost: $1000 per student.

    CLP2: Commissioned Lay Pastors serving as Pastors

    Our ECO Polity Section 2.0503 and missional ecclesiology allows for lay leaders who are properly gifted and trained to serve as pastors of a local church without getting a traditional seminary degree and being ordained. This makes pastoring a church more accessible to a wider array of people and allows God to use gifted and trained leaders in God's mission. This course is a 2- to 3-year process which involves all of the training described for officers and CLP1s plus additional classes. These include, but are not limited to, New Testament, Old Testament, Theology, Preaching, Basic Exegesis, Leading Change, Church Management, and additional spiritual formation opportunities. Visit or email for more information. Cost: $1,000 per student plus the cost of seminary-level courses and transcription fees.

  • Ministry Team Consultation (TeamScan) 

    Through the use of TeamScan, a qualified coach can help a ministry team know more about themselves and how to best function together as a team. From time to time it can be helpful for all or some selected ministry staff members to engage in a process to enhance their effectiveness and cohesion as a team. Each individual on the team receives an individual ProScanTM and consultation prior to an on-site event. At the on-site event, the ministry team is able to understand each other better and learn how best to function as a team. For more information, email

  • Online Seminary Courses developed by Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

    Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and Flourish have partnered to create seminary classes that we can offer to our lay leaders and other leaders in our ECO Churches. Four classes will be offered each semester (fall, spring, and summer) and will be taught by ECO Pastors, Synod Executive Council members, and Gordon-Conwell professors. For more information, click here or email

  • Online Webinars & Training Videos

    Those who obtain a free account with Flourish have access to a variety and ever-increasing number of training videos and archived webinars. To sign up for an account, visit Several online courses are already available on the Flourish website. These online courses are ordinarily 8 to 12 sessions and approximately one hour per session. Each class has an online forum for interaction. While some of these courses are specific to ECO (such as a course on ECO Polity), many of the courses are broadly applicable (such as Evangelism in a Postmodern Culture). Some courses are self-directed and cost $25 or less. Instructor-directed courses cost more because of the direct involvement of the instructor with the student.

  • Pastoral Consultation / ProScan Assessment

    It is good practice for a pastor and/or ministry staff to reflect on their current roles in the church on an annual basis. Using the ProScan Assessment tool, we can administer a concise but accurate reflection to a pastor or staff member and provide a one-hour consultation regarding the findings of the ProScan Assessment report. ECO Pastors enrolled in our healthcare network are encouraged to participate in this offer on an annual basis at no cost. The assessment and consultation are completely confidential. To schedule a ProScan assessment, email This helps pastors and staff members determine current areas of stress and satisfaction in their lives and ministries, and take proactive steps to find greater satisfaction in their calls. The cost is $99 per person (or, $75 for Pastor Head of Staff). For more information, email

  • Pastoral Search Assistance (PSA)

    Many churches are considering using an outside search firm to aid in the process of calling a Senior or Associate Pastor. We believe this is a fantastic option; however, sometimes congregations feel that the price is too high or they want to be more involved in the process. ECO has trained consultants that utilize both the JobScanTM and ProScanTM tool to assist congregations in the search for pastoral or other key staff positions who best fit the leadership qualities and attributes needed for the church to continue to flourish in ministry. The cost is $3,500 to develop the JobScanTM profile and support the calling committee or individual in the process. Find more information here or email

  • Succession Planning

    In an effort to prepare and equip our churches for denominational leadership transitions, we have partnered with Auxano to work with our churches to prepare them for these stages of transition. Inseasons of transition, most churches simply ask who the next pastor will be and seek to pass the baton from one leader to another. However, we have discovered that in order for transition to be successful, a church must consider the overall health of the ecosystem and several transitional principles. This process includes an on-site retreat with the session and up to 13 succession planning workbooks, a 3-hour virtual follow-up meeting, and 3 months of meeting with coaches for implementation and email support. The congregation pays $4,000, plus travel expenses for the consultant and additional workbooks. Find more information here or email

  • Vision Frame Process

    What if your church were crystal clear about where God was calling you in the next season of ministry? Imagine your leaders, your ministries, your worship, and your entire congregation working together to make God’s vision a reality. Through a series of group and individual coaching calls, training materials, and videos, we assist your church in clarifying your vision as you live out your mission and ministry. The cost of this process is $1,500. Click here for more information. In addition, we are also able to work with churches who sense the need for individual, in-person guidance through this process. For more information, email

ECO Partnerships - Comprehensive View

ECO has relationships with several outside organizations to provide training and support. Please see below for the organizations that we are currently partnering with to support our churches.

Benefits and Administration

  • Church Mutual

    At Church Mutual, the larger insurer of religious organizations in the nation, they understand the unique risks of the markets they serve. They have specialized their services since 1897 to address the needs of their customers. They not only provide financial protection, but also connect customers to a network of strategic partners not found with other carriers. Church Mutual has enjoyed steady, stable growth for more than a century by providing worship centers, schools, senior living facilities, and camps with much more than an insurance policy. More than 1,000 Church Mutual employees across the country strive each day to help customers avoid risk and to resolve claims as efficiently as possible so that their customers can return to their valuable work as quickly as possible. Church Mutual calls this, “Protecting the Greater Good.” For more information, email

Church Health

Many congregations are looking for outside groups to do church health assessments, provide coaching on change, and/or help them discern vision. The 3 groups that are most popularly used are:

  • Auxano

    The foundation of Auxano is a vision-framing process based on the principles outlined in the celebrated book, Church Unique, by founder Will Mancini. Through this process, church teams have discovered unprecedented clarity around the unique identity of their church which promotes greater health as a congregation. For more information about their services, visit For more information about the partnership that ECO has developed with Auxano, email

  • Church Health Initiative

    Church Health Initiative is a leading organization that guides congregations and denominations in implementing transformative systems that effectively produce health and growth. It is co-founded by Dr. Paul Borden and Rev. Paul James. For more information, visit

  • PeaceMaking: Institute for Christian Conciliation

    The Institute for Christian Conciliation (ICC) has a broad, global outreach in the following ways: to promote biblical conflict resolution principles, training and certification, to mediate relational conflict with the discipleship of God’s Word, to provide civil dispute resolution using godly principles in acourt-approved Alternate Despute Resolution (ADR) process, to follow the mandate of 1 Corinthians 6 within the church community, to provide a financially-preferable option of faith-based mediation, not litigation, and to encourage a stronger commitment to Christian Conciliation in the heart of each church, business, and organization. For more information, you can visit or contact

  • TAG Consulting

    TAG was established in 1998 by a group of accredited individuals who believed they could helpimprove organizational health, productivity, and effectiveness. We believe this is possible when individuals and organizations are intentional about it. Visit for more information.

Disaster Assistance

  • World Renew 

    World Renew provides disaster assistance through the Christian Reformed Church. It is not only a wonderful organization to which an individual or church can donate to aid in a natural disaster, but individuals or groups can also serve through World Renew in short and long-term disaster assistance. Visit for more information.page6image3776768 page6image3768320 page6image3768896 page6image3773312 page6image3776576 page6image3773120 page6image3771584 page6image3772160

Missional Engagement

  • Dandelion

    Alex Absalom’s organization has offered ECO-specific cohorts to learn and be coached in missionalengagement. Alex can also be hired as an independent consultant for your congregation. Visit for more information.

  • Forge

    Alan Hirsch’s organization offers a broad-based range of training and coaching related to missionalengagement. Visit for more information.

  • Saturate

    Jeff Vanderstelt’s organization offers an opportunity for monthly cohort coaching on the development of missional communities. Visit for more information.

Multiethnic/Multicultural Ministries

  • Mosaix Global Network

    Mark DeYmaz leads this group, which seeks to plant and/or transform 1,000 churches into multiethnic/ multicultural congregations. Mosaix has many learning and coaching opportunities. Visit for more information.

  • The Fellowship Center for Reconciliation

    The Fellowship Center for Racial Reconciliation has been established to lead churches andcommunities in the conversation and practice of racial reconciliation. The aim is to create a Gospel Centered environment that leads to active engagement in difficult conversations over a period of time that results in individual and systemic reconciliation. They will create a space where churches can engage through conversation, experiences, and learning. For more information, email

Pastoral Search Firms

While ECO has some resources to assist with the process of calling pastors or other ministry staff, some congregations have found it advantageous to have an outside search firm. The following are 3 firms that have been used by multiple ECO congregations.

  • AGORA Executive Search Firm

    AGORA is an executive search firm that specializes in recruiting high-level pastors, leaders, andexecutives for challenging positions in a variety of sectors. Visit for more information.

  • SIMA

    SIMA (System for Identifying Motivated Abilities) International is a worldwide group of consultants who use our proprietary assessment technology, SIMA®, to help our clients make the best possible "people decisions." Visit for more information.

  • Slingshot

    We partner with the local church to find and build the best leaders possible. We take the time to invest in relationships, we never give up, and we create innovative solutions that will take your church to the next level. Visit for more information.

Student Ministry and Intergenerational Ministry

  • AXIS

    AXIS is ECO’s research arm on youth and culture as we seek to equip pastors, parents, and teens
    to navigate culture and create meaningful conversations. Together we are seeking to close the gap between the generations by fostering deeper connections and offering resources such as online parenting seminars for parents and pastors, weekly Culture Translator emails, parenting guides, and much more. Visit for more information. Many of the resource tools offered are free.

  • Fuller Youth Institute

    Many ECO congregations have taken advantage of the numerous offerings that have been created by FYI. Visit for more information.

World Mission

In lieu of creating an internal world mission department, ECO has partnered with the 3 organizations that have historically served evangelically-minded Presbyterian churches. These organizations are listed below. Our Director of Global Engagement, Jen Haddox, helps ECO in its commitment to the local church as the primary agent for discerning and carrying out God’s passion for the nations. Jen can be reached at

  • Antioch Partners

    The Antioch Partners (TAP) is a missionary sending agency that partners with local Presbyterian churches in the U.S. to send out followers of Jesus to participate in God’s mission in the world. Those serving through TAP have been called by God to long-term, cross-cultural ministry and are engaged inmany aspects of kingdom work, including evangelism, social justice, discipleship, supporting church- planting movements, leadership development, and business as mission. Visit for more information.

  • Frontier Fellowship

    Frontier Fellowship works with congregations to help establish indigenous churches among unreachedpeople groups, and to find new places to be involved in frontier mission. Frontier Fellowship exists asa resource to help churches create or enhance their vision for taking the gospel to all people groups inthe world. They are driven by a 2-fold vision — For Every People: An Indigenous Church and For Every Church: A Mission Vision. Visit for more information.

  • The Outreach Foundation

    The mission of The Outreach Foundation is to engage Presbyterians and global partners in proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ. They seek to be a resource to congregations to help them catch a vision for the amazing things that God is doing around the world and to partner in it. Their priorities are to build the capacity of global church partners, send and support missionaries, care for vulnerable children, expand support for mission, and transform lives through mission involvement. Visit for more information.

ECO will continue to add resources that will aid in the health and vitality of your ministries! Please contact any of the above ministry resources for additional support or email with questions.