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The Church Transformation process is an instrumental tool in retraining pastors, refocusing leadership, and bringing renewed vitality to our congregations. Church Transformation incorporates a Pastoral Learning Community, an on-site consultation, and ongoing coaching. All three components are vital for true transformation to occur, and we are excited to offer this opportunity on a broader scale to our churches and pastors. We are designating two tiers of participation within Church Transformation. Tier 1 is the Pastor Learning Community, and Tier 2 is the Consultation and Coaching. Churches are not obligated to commit to both Tier 1 and Tier 2, although we highly recommend committing to both. Churches are encouraged to begin Tier 2 while their pastors are still involved in Tier 1.

The Process and Tiers

Tier 1 - Pastor Learning Community (PLC)

The Pastor Learning Community is open to any Pastor Head of Staff, Associate Pastor, or Assistant Pastor who would like to participate. The involved pastor(s) will take these trainings back to share with their local session and lay leaders via videos and other related resource materials. This will allow Associate/Assistant Pastors to aid in the transformation process in their current church and also prepare them to go on to be solo or senior pastors. Pastors will meet over a 2-year period to engage in book studies around topics such as evangelism, church and staff leadership, connecting visitors, time management, worship, etc. Pastors will also spend time praying for and encouraging one another. During the meetings, related topics will be discussed along with activities to help participants make needed changes within their congregations. After each meeting, participants will be given access to additional materials to engage with their session/staff/lay leadership/congregation. The PLC consists of 6 meetings over the course of 2 years, each of which occur every 3 - 4 months. Each meeting begins at noon, and finishes at noon the next day. All meetings will take place at a single location based on the location of the participants.

Tier 2 - Consultation and Coaching

The congregation will first submit self-study materials in preparation for the consultation process. A designated consultant will then come on site for a period of 4 days and will conduct interviews with staff, some lay leaders, and a focus group. At the end of the weekend, the consultant will give a report to the congregation. The report lists strengths of the church, as well as several prescriptions to bring about revitalization. The session ultimately determines if they will adopt the prescriptions after receiving input from their congregation. If the church decides to adopt the prescriptions, they will receive ongoing coaching and a congregational coach will be assigned. This coach works with the pastor, and if needed, other lay leadership, through at least 20 coaching sessions for a period of 12 months.


Cost of Tier 1 - Pastor Learning Community (PLC)

  • Cost for Tier 1 is $1,000 for each participating pastor and includes:
    - All on-site meetings and meals
    - Training materials (other than books) Virtual trainings
    - Learning and Ministry Assessments
  • Additionally the church will need to pay for: Cost of books for the PLC – There are approximately 15 books the pastor(s) will need to read throughout the course of the PLC.
  • Cost of travel expenses for each pastor to attend meetings with the PLC including flight or car milage and hotel room.

Cost of Tier 2 - Consultation and Coaching

Ordinarily the cost of a process similar to this could cost upwards of $10,000, however, ECO is able to subsidize the cost.

  • Cost for Tier 2 is $3,500 (or $2500 if the congregation’s budget is under $150,000) and includes:
    - Weekend Consultation
    - Ongoing coaching (after the prescriptions are adopted by the congregation)
  • Additionally the church will need to pay for: Cost of travel expenses for the consultant including flights or car mileage, meals, and hotel room.