Church Transformation Cohort

Dr. Paul Borden has successfully led hundreds of churches, of various denominations, through a proven transformation and revitalization process. ​He is graciously leading cohorts around the country, teaching us how to multiply the transformation process across our own denomination using learning communities, a comprehensive church consultation process, and providing ongoing coaching. ​

Though Paul has masterfully trained ECO leaders to facilitate future cohorts, we are grateful that he will continue to lead the cohorts and do the majority of consultations himself in the coming year, along with our Synod Executive, Dana Allin. Ordinarily the cost of the cohort would be $10,000, plus expenses, however, ECO is able to subsidize the cost, so churches will pay, divided over two years: $4,500 for churches with a budget over $150,000, or $3,000 for churches with a budget under $150,000.

We are also in the process of offering this resource in two phases for pastors and congregations to engage in church transformation cohort. For more information about either of these offerings, please contact, Kim Davis Ministry Resource Coordinator & Assistant to Dana Allin, at ​​.

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