Learn More About ECO!

We have designed an ECO information series to help leaders, sessions, and congregation members have a better understanding of the culture, vision, and expectation of those churches that choose to make ECO their denominational home.  

Each of the six sessions in this information series includes a 10-20 minute video about the particular subject, an outline for the video if you would like to follow along and make some notes, and reflection questions on the bottom of that outline.

Click HERE to download the entire ECO Information Series outline, or check out our ECO FAQs.

Why ECO formed - as well as the ethos and culture that we are seeking to cultivate.

The Future of ECO - five important shifts that need to be made in our congregations and within our movement as a whole. 

Theological Stance of ECO - including our essential tenets, our confessions, and how these are applied to the church.

ECO’s Polity and Structure – For those potentially coming into ECO from other Presbyterian or Reformed traditions, this session will help you see differences and similarities in what you are experiencing.  And for those coming from non-denominational backgrounds, this session will help introduce you to a core understanding of what it means to be Presbyterian.

The Meaning of  “A Covenant Order” - All of our pastors are required to be in pastor covenant groups and all of our churches are required to be in Mission Affinity Groups. We will talk about what those are and why they are important to our denomination.

How to Join ECO Well – A look at the application process, but also some things that we have learned to help make your transition into ECO accelerate the mission God has for your church.