We seek to be a movement, not just a denomination.

Our Mission

To build flourishing churches that make disciples of Jesus Christ.  

10 Year Vision Statement

As ECO began, our desire was not simply to create another denomination, but to truly be a movement that recaptures the best of our Presbyterian and Reformed heritage to saturate our broken and hurting world with the transforming power of Jesus Christ. We are committed to reaching a new apex in our next decade of ministry, by envisioning 1,000 planted, revitalized, and flourishing ECO congregations and micro-expressions by 2030. To make this passion a reality, we must aggressively recruit, train, re-train, and deploy 1,000 vocational leaders and 10,000 highly invested lay leaders. In doing so, we see hundreds of thousands of movement-equipped people emerging for daily gospel influence. Like a child who blows a dandelion into the wind, the Spirit scatters us into our communities to plant the gospel. Imagine worldwide, millions of people linked to the surprising goodness of God, loved through tangible acts of kindness, lifted by the compelling good news of Jesus, and lavishly adopted into a new and better kind of family.


ECO's Vision Frame 


Our Values

The Complete Local

The strength of our movement is how we create nimble environments for churches to flourish in their unique Kingdom calling. Demonstrated by:

  • Our efficient structures that maximize each church's identity and effectiveness.
  • Our creativity to embolden and develop a variety of distinct missional expressions.
  • Our adamant belief that the stronger each church is, the stronger we all are.

A Livable Theology

The strength of our faith is how we live out our Reformed beliefs in a relentlessly contextual way. Demonstrated by:

  • Our zealous view that the sovereignty of God drives our ability to risk.
  • Our call to deeply influence culture with the Gospel, not just protect theology.
  • Our passion that renewed minds lead people to embody their faith in Jesus every day.

Our Mutual Spurring

The strength of our covenant community is how we challenge one another to constantly transform. Demonstrated by:

  • Our distinct systems that inspire and equip continual advancement.
  • Our innovative coaching culture that magnifies the power of relational partnership.
  • Our strategic connections with the wider evangelical body to deepen impact here and globally.

Your Leadership Acceleration

The strength of our influence is how we together create vibrant systems for leader multiplication. Demonstrated by:

  • Our competency-based approach that unleashes the potential of all God's people.
  • Our thoughtful attention to help women and men lead and thrive in all phases of life and ministry.
  • Our intential focus to equip congregations to deploy laity in exponential ways.

Our Measures

Know its unique identity & calling

  • Our covenant partners can articulate the distinct mission and vision of the congregation with clarity and heartfelt conviction.
  • Our covenant partners seek creative ways to personally and corporately engage in our church's calling with their time, energy, gifts, and finances.
  • Our covenant partners create ever-deepening ways to communicate and fulfill our church's vision in the broader community and beyond.
  • Our systems consistently measure how effectively every ministry and dollar enhances the way people live out our church's calling.

Normalizes risk taking

  • Our leaders and covenant partners accept that failure is sometimes a necessary step for learning and growth.
  • Our covenant partners put themselves in ministry situations that stretch them and help them rely on the Lord.
  • Our staff and lay leaders seek out stories to celebrate how our people and ministries are experimenting to fulfill our congregation's calling.
  • Our congregational leadership drives us to do whatever it takes to see God's Kingdom come in our context and world.

Nurtures missional living

  • Our leaders and covenant partners consciously spend ministry time and energy outside the walls of the church.
  • Our covenant partners can name specific non-believers they're inviting into their life of faith as a natural extension of who they are.
  • Our church's training systems consistently evaluate and improve how we equip covenant partners to be ambassadors for Christ in their daily lives.
  • Our covenant partners emulate the posture and attitude of Jesus in every situation where they live, work, and play.

Expects disciple making

  • Our covenant partners can name at least one person who is mentoring them and holding them accountable.
  • Our covenant partners have at least one person in whom they're investing intentionally to encourage their growth.
  • Our people throughout the congregation can name a specific area in which they're seeking to grow in their generosity as a follower of Christ.
  • Our leaders use defined processes to evaluate, change, or eliminate ministries that are not effectively growing people as disciple makers.

Generates multiplying leaders

  • Our church's systems are effectively identifying, developing, and launching more and more leaders into ministry in and beyond our church.
  • Our church enriches the souls and vitality of current leaders by nurturing them to engage in the church's vision based on their unique wiring.
  • Our ministry staff spends most of their time intentionally equipping others for ministry rather than being the primary doers of the ministry.
  • Our leaders can name and are working on their personal Flourishing Next Step in their growth as a multiplying leader.

Prepares to launch

  • Our leaders regularly pray for and seek new, entrepreneurial opportunities to strengthen our impact based on the needs in our community and world.
  • Our congregation is actively engaged in birthing new church expressions, including financial support.
  • Our church prioritizes giving growing percentages of our mission budget to church planting here and/or globally.
  • Our congregation has a mindset of abundance that spurs us to be generous with our people, leaders, and finances to revitalize and plant.

Our Strategy

A flourishing ECO church can consistently name its Flourishing Next Step, which ECO will help cultivate and support through:

  • One-on-one Coaching for assessment & development
  • Peer-based Groups for encouragement & accountability
  • National and Regional Gatherings for synergy & inspiration